Bachelor Party Games
Gentleman's Club Guide Are you throwing a bachelor party for your best friend but you want to make sure that you don't wind up with the same old bachelor party like your Uncle Sal had? Spice up the night with a few bachelor party games. These are not your fathers bachelor party games and are sure to bring a lot of laughs.
 Scavenger Hunt (Bachelor Only)
Have all the guys attending the bachelor party come up with one item to collect or task that the bachelor must complete during the course of the bachelor party. If the bachelor wins by completing all the tasks everyone pitches in for an extra couple of lap dances, if he loses, his future wife gets copies of all the hidden pictures taken during the party! Here are a few ideas.
  • Kiss a girl with the same name as his future wife.
  • Convince a girl to give him their bra.
  • Hit on every girl in a bar until someone slaps him.
  • Convince a stranger to buy him a shot.
  • Give a stripper a lap dance.
  • Make him pan handle for money until he has enough to pay the cover charge at the strip club.

Encourage everyone to be as creative as they can be, the point is to put the bachelor through as many embarrassing moments as possible. Buy the guy who's idea turns the bachelor the reddest a drink!

 Scavenger Hunt (Everyone)

This version of the scavenger hunt is similar to the one above, but in this case everyone is participating. You as the best man will come up with the items or tasks that everyone must complete during the course of the bachelor party. You can have anyone who is unable to complete all the tasks by a certain period of time do a shot of the nastiest concoction you can create behind the bar.

 Mardi Gras Giveaway

Bring a little bit of Mardi Gras to your bachelor party.  Go out and buy a case of cheap plastic bead necklaces.  Give everyone the same number of beads, the first guy to give away all of his beads wins! The catch here is the only way to give away the beads is to get a girl to show you her tits and one set of beads per girl. Buy the winner a drink, he'll deserve every drop of it!

 Pimp Daddy
Ok playa, you think you got game? In this bachelor party game the idea is everyone is starting up their own pimping service. The goal of the game is to see who can "recruit" the most girls to work for them. To make things interesting, the only way to make sure a girl is dedicated to your cause is she must give you her bra. The guy with the most bras at the end of the night. (The bras cannot still have the price tag attached here guys). If you really want to get into the theme of this game, have everyone come to the bachelor party dressed in their best pimp daddy gear.
 Best Story About The Bachelor

In this bachelor party game you have all of the guys tell their favorite, or more appropriately most embarrassing story about the bachelor. This is also a good game to start the night off with as it will help everyone to get to know each other.

Chug! - The Dice Game
Chug! - The Dice Game
Get your party started right, get your party started quickly. Chug! - The Dice Game is a colorfully packaged and inexpensive drinking dice set that makes for the perfect bachelor party game. An Easy-To-Learn and Fun-to-Play Drinking Game!
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Rehab: A Wild Drinking Bachelor Party Game
Rehab: A Wild Drinking Game
You and the other players are raging alcoholics. You try to correct your drinking problem in Rehab, but you keep falling off the wagon. You'll travel around the game board landing in and falling out of Rehab until finally someone successfully defeats his or her addiction to alcohol. Along your road to recovery. But for now you are an alcoholic and you are expected to act like one.
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XXX Adult Playing Cards
XXX Adult Playing Cards
Spice up your bachelor party card game with these PENTHOUSE XXX action playing cards! Each and every card features a hot, explicit XXX scene. Whether you're playing poker, blackjack, or go fish these adult cards will be a sure hit, use the front of yours to distract your drunk opponent!
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